Our Team

Established in 1993, Tierney’s are highly regarded as a leading independent IT Managed Service Provider within the Hospitality and SME sector across The UK and Ireland. We strive to ensure excellence in our philosophy of being the ‘Hospitality IT Experts’ and promise a premium service to our customers without the premium price.

Our Solutions

Tierney’s provide a trusted and reputable range of IT Solutions, Support and Consultancy Services to the International Hotel, Restaurant and Leisure Industry in the UK and Ireland. Our commitment within the Hospitality Sector brings cutting edge solutions to our customers from leading partners around the globe enabling our clients to gain the maximum from their IT investment helping them achieve their specific needs.

Our Objective

We have always been about providing precise solutions that reflect the best interests of our clients, ensuring the IT systems we deliver are backed with excellent service and value for money to ensure a more productive and efficient running of business.

Our Team’s Focus

We guarantee that our solutions are constantly met with 100% satisfaction; the systems and software we install are backed by our world leading partners. Our highly qualified technical engineers and support team won’t let you down, our focus is constantly about investing in staff development and training programmes to keep them on top of current trends and innovations.

Our GDPR Statement

View our Data Protection Policy – GDPR Statement.

This document refers to the company’s commitment to treat personal information of employees, customers, stakeholders or other interested parties with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Our Information Transfer Policy

View our Information Transfer/Handling Policy.

This document outlines the procedures employed to protect all aspects of handling the information assets of the company, as well as confidential client data.


We partner with some of the world’s leading technology companies to bring you the most up to date IT technology.



The long term working relationships that we have with our customers are testament to the fact that we provide the best technical management and guarantee systems up-time, security and peace of mind to deliver the results they demand.

Partners and Affiliations

Tierney’s are delighted to be members with many highly-regarded industry organisations with its notable Partners and Affiliations. We make a fitting contribution to encouraging education in business and to the community where we conduct our business.

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