Fast, secure and reliable Wi-Fi Solutions in the Hospitality and SME industry is a recipe for success

The longer customers stay, the more they will pay! Tierney’s give your customers a reason to stay longer and makes Wi-Fi management simple. We have a unique understanding of the requirements of hospitality and business establishments and can tailor the optimum Wi-Fi solution to satisfy all of your guests, delegates or employee needs.

With the increase of wireless devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops, the demand for a seamless high quality Wi-Fi  service has increased too and Tierney’s can deliver by connecting more people, in more places on more devices!

No matter what the size or type of business, Tierney’s can deliver a bespoke Wi-Fi solution that is secure and consistently delivers a 24/7 Wi-Fi experience.

We understand the reasons why you need to provide free Wi-Fi to customers and the benefits of how you can use the data gathered to understand customer behaviour. Tierney’s work together with a third party supplier that can simplify the control and use of Wi-Fi so that businesses can understand the behaviour of their patrons and use that data to maximise the impact of their marketing campaigns. Wi-Fi is an incredibly versatile tool to drive revenue, boost business, deliver personalised and engaging user experiences, and even gather real-time network and customer specific data.

Network Management. Customer Engagement.

  • Create Networks – Easy guest Wi-Fi network set up and configuration, allowing you to set Wi-Fi signal strength and internet speed.
  • Wi-Fi Analytics – Capture footfall, conversion and bounce rates, dwell times, return visits and frequency with our Wi-Fi analytics.
  • Website Blocking – List any inappropriate or competitor sites you want to block using our convenient website blocking system.
  • Social Engagement – Tailor your login pages with specific branding. Login using social media or email and completely control the next page after login.
  • Wi-Fi Marketing – Tools available to run campaigns to actively promote your business. See results of campaigns with our real-time analytics and reports.
  • Location Based Services – Through our geo-targeting you have the ability to target customers due to geo locations or venues.

Talk to us today about a free Wi-Fi site survey for a faster more reliable Wi-Fi network you can rely on. Click here for more information.


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